Abbey Watkins is one of the main characters of the story Soixante-Trois Airlines

Early LifeEdit

Abbey was born on the 3rd of August 1995 in Basildon, England. Her birth name is unknown, as is whether or not she has any siblings. She is still in contact with her parents following her decision to transition.

from an early age, Abbey was obsessed with all things feminine, and sought to emulate the beautiful women she would see in catalogues and television. She was particularly obsessed with playboy bunnies and their skimpy costumes. However, even after she made the decision to live full-time as a woman, she would be denied hormone therapy on the grounds that her doctor needed to ensure that her desire to transition was genuine and not simply a fetish.

Working for Soixante-TroisEdit

Abbey joined Soixante-Trois Airlines in February 2015, taking advantage of the company's recent relaxation of its minimum age from 20 to 19. Her mentor for the first few months of her career was Jessica Tyler.

to be continued


  • Abbey is a fan of Manchester United Football Club.
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