Adeola Benedict is a main character of the story Stephanie, and also plays a minor role in Charlotte.

Early lifeEdit

Adeola was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 17th of April 1996, but was orphaned at the age of three and sent to live with her uncle in London. Whilst she was financially secure, Adeola's school days were not happy one, as she was subjected to racist abuse on a daily basis at the expensive boarding school her uncle Joshua sent her to. When this abuse was discovered by her uncle, she was immediately withdrawn from the school and sent to a local comprehensive.

Growing FameEdit

After leaving school, Adeola took part-time modelling work for her uncle, but her main ambition was always to be a singer.

to be continued


  • The name Adeola means 'crown of wealth' in the Yoruba language of Western Africa, whilst her middle name Iyebiye means 'diamonds' in the same language.
  • Adeola, like her adoptive father and brother, is a fan of Arsenal F.C.
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