Amelie Masson is a major character in the story Soixante-Trois Airlines.

Early LifeEdit

Amelie was born on the 10th of December 1997 in Paris, the fourth child of her father Antoine Masson and his third wife. As such, Amelie is the granddaughter of Henri Masson, the founder of Soixante-Trois Industries, who passed away when she was five. Amelie has three older half-siblings- Henri (b 1989), Veronique (b 1992) and Antoine Jr (b 1994) and one younger sister Francine (b 2000). Amelie's parents separated when she was five, her father remarrying less than six months later. As a child, Amelie was spoilt by her billionaire father and wanted for nothing, but quickly began to resent him and his treatment of her mother. As she grew up, Amelie began to long to be a pilot, but her father's influence prevented her dreams from being realise, which only fuelled Amelie's resentment of him.

Becoming a Soixante-Trois StewardessEdit

In December 2016, after turning 19, Amelie began to make plans for her future. Like he had done for her siblings before her, her father promised to pay for all of her education at the university of her choice, provided she completed a year of work experience at one of his companies. Much to her father's chagrin, Amelie chose to complete her year working out of London's Heathrow Airport as a Stewardess for his airline.