Annalise Benson is a minor character in the story Charlotte.

Early LifeEdit

Annalise was born in September 2001 in London to her mother Sally, an administration assistant, and her husband, a portrait painter. Annalise has one older sibling, a half-sister named Nina. Shortly after her birth, Annalise's parents separated, and Annalise and her sister were raised by her mother alone.

A Famous CousinEdit

In May 2015, Nina's maternal grandmother passed away, and even though Nina's mother had been estranged from that side of the family for a decade and a half, she insisted that she and her daughters attend the funeral. At the reception after the funeral, much to Nina's surprise, she found herself in the same room as the model and celebrity Jamie-Lee Burke, who Nina had no idea she was related to.

to be continued


  • As of 2016, Annalise and her family live in Stevenage.
  • As of August 2017, Annalise had been in a relationship with another girl for at least three months.
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