Antoine Masson Sr. is a minor character in the story Soixante-Trois Airlines.

Early LifeEdit

Antoine Masson was born in 1963, the son of Soixante-Trois Industries founder Henri Masson. Antoine has been married five times and has five children- a son, Henri (b 1989) by his first wife; a daughter, Veronique (b 1992) and a son, Antoine Jr. (b 1994) by his second wife; and two daughters, Amelie (b 1997) and Francine (b 2000) by his third wife. After his fifth child was born, Antoine Sr. underwent a vasectomy to prevent him from having any more children. It has been heavily implied that Antoine Sr. has had many extramarital affairs, so may have further illegitimate children. In 1983, after completing a year of work experience for his father's company, Antoine completed a degree in economics at École Normale Superieure in Paris, graduating in 1986 and immediately returning to work at his father's company, where- under the personal guidance of the senior Masson- he quickly rose through the ranks to become a director before his thirtieth birthday.

Becoming a BillionaireEdit

In 1994, Antoine succeeded his retiring father as the CEO of Soixante-Trois Industries. When his father passed away in 2003, Antoine inherited his entire estate, estimated at over a billion euros, and by 2014 Antoine had amassed a personal wealth of over four billion euros. Much of Antoine's wealth can be attributed to the foundation of Soixante-Trois Airlines in 2002, a luxury Paris-based airline offering a more executive flying experience than budget airlines.

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  • Antoine is fluent in English, as can be inferred from his speech at the end of Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 8.
  • Antoine is a big football fan, and owns executive boxes at many grounds, including those of Manchester United F.C. and Paris Saint-German F.C.
  • According to the 2016 Forbes list of French billionaires, Antoine would be the fourteenth richest man in France.
    • By 2018, his net worth had swelled to 4.6 billion euros, which would put him ninth according to this list.