Ashley Moore is the protagonist of the story Ashley, and also plays a major role in Laura.

Early lifeEdit

Ashley was born on the 12th of May 2003 to parents Andrew and Clare. Her parents would later have four more children- Bryony (b 2006), Cassidy 'Cassie' (b 2010), Dorothy (b 2013) and Eddy (b 2016).

From an early age, Ashley was fascinated with all things feminine, especially female clothing, but as she was the only male child in the family for most of her life, she was encouraged- especially by her father- to focus on traditional male activities, especially sport and Star Wars (of which Ashley's father is a big fan).

Meeting LauraEdit

Ashley began secondary school in September 2014, quickly learning that one of the girls in the year above her was transgendered- the girl in question being Laura White. Ashley met Laura as the two were signing up for the school's drama club, and soon Ashley confided in Laura about her secret.

To be continued


  • The naming pattern used by Ashley's parents, advancing one letter of the alphabet at a time but always having the name end in the letter 'Y', quickly became a running gag in Ashley's family.
  • Ashley has the most living ancestors of any character in the Jamieverse- both her parents are alive, as are all four grandparents, and as of December 2017, Ashley has five living great-grandparents.
    • At the time of her birth, Ashley also had a living great-great-grandparent.
  • Ashley is the second protagonist, after Stuart, to have been introduced in a story other than their own.
  • Ashley is the youngest protagonist to date in the Jamieverse, eighteen months younger than second youngest Laura.
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