Becca Milton is one of the main characters of the stories Stephanie and Stuart, and also plays a large role in Charlotte.

Early LifeEdit

Becca was born on the 30th of March 1995, the youngest of 3 children. Her parents are Raymond and Catherine Milton. When Becca was ten, her older sister Claire (b 1990) came out as transgendered and began transitioning, adopting the name Stuart, a name Becca had previously given to her imaginary friend. Becca grew extremely close to Stuart, having always wanted an older brother. Becca has one other sister named Emma (b 1987). As a child, Becca was often spoiled by her wealthy parents, and developed interests in fields such as horse riding, music and dance- all of which she excelled at.

Increasing fameEdit

Aged eighteen, Becca began studying music at university. It was around this time that her brother became friends with the modelling clique known as The Angels, and thanks to his influence, Becca found herself interacting with The Angels more and more. It was at this time that Becca also met her best friend Adeola- the niece of the Angels' manager- and her long-term boyfriend Riley, the younger brother of one of the Angels.

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  • Becca (and, technically, her sister Emma) was the first character in the Jamieverse to be introduced as the sibling of another character.
  • Becca can play the piano at ABRSM grade 6.
  • Becca has a phobia of needles.
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