Chloe Barnard is a major character in the story Ian.

Early LifeEdit

Chloe was born on the 27th of February 2001 in Cardiff, Wales. She is the third child of her parents- her older brother is called Matthew (b 1994), her older sister is Hannah (b 1998) and her younger sister is Rosie (b 2004). When she was younger, Chloe shared her older sister's love of all things geeky, such as videogames and science-fiction, but also possessed a love of fashion and celebrities, in particular brand such as The Angels. In September 2017, she started studying fashion design at a further education college in Cardiff, with a view to becoming a costume designer for TV or film.

Making a New FriendEdit

In October 2017, a few weeks after she began college, Chloe dropped into her local brand of GAME to pick up a videogame for her Playstation 3. The cashier on duty at the time was a young man named Ian Freeman, whose reaction to her surprised Chloe.

to be continued