Chris Thomas is a major character in the story Nikki.

Early LifeEdit

Chris was born in 1971, the only child of Steven and Irene. In the early 1990s, Chris met a woman named Sandra, who he would later marry. Chris and Sandra would have two children- Nicholas (b 1997) and, much later, Jennifer (b 2015).

When a Son Becomes a DaughterEdit

In late 2011, Nick (who was fourteen at the time) announced to his parents that he had a new girlfriend, a girl named Sarah Phillips who had recently moved to London from Bristol.

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  • Even though he plays a significant role in the story, Chris doesn't appear until the fourth chapter of Nikki.
  • Nikki never mentions any aunts or uncles, so it can be inferred that Chris (and by extension, his wife) is an only child.
  • Chris, like his father, is a supporter of West Ham United F.C.
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