This page is a complete list of every character to have appeared in the Jamieverse, sortable by first name, date of birth, gender (including transgender status where applicable), role within stories and 'main' story. It also shows which stories each character has played a role in, however minor that role.

Picture Name Date of Birth Gender Role Main story C N Stu S-T L S A I J M&D
Jamie-Lee Milton 1991-09-19 Transgender (M2F) Protagonist Charlotte 1 4 3 4
Nikki Phillips-Thomas 1997-03-03 Transgender (M2F) Protagonist Nikki 1 4 4
Sarah Phillips-Thomas 1996-11-27 Female Deuteragonist Nikki 2 3
Stuart Milton 1990-03-02 Transgender (F2M) Protagonist Stuart 3 1 4 4

Story key:

1= Protagonist 2= Deuteragonist 3= Major character 4= Recurring character

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