Ellen Briggs is a major character in the story Soixante-Trois Airlines

Early LifeEdit

Ellen was born on the 22nd of June 1995 in Manchester, England, and was raised in the Openshaw district of that city. At the time of her birth, she had two older brothers, Greg (b 1987) and Matthew (b 1992). She would later gain a younger sister, Sasha (b 1997).

When a Brother Becomes a SisterEdit

From an early age, Matthew showed signs of a preference for a feminine lifestyle.

to be continued

Joining Soixante-Trois AirlinesEdit

Ellen began work for Soixante-Trois Airlines in February 2017. Her mentor during her first few months was Abbey Watkins.


  • Like her sister, Ellen is a supporter of Manchester City Football Club.
  • Ellen has one tattoo- a worker bee on her shoulder, a symbol of her hometown.