Graham Hutchinson was a minor character in the story Charlotte, playing a significant role in the first chapter but not appearing in any subsequent chapters.

Early LifeEdit

Graham was born in 1957. It is unknown whether he had any siblings. At some point prior to 1991, Graham married a woman named Janice Easton, a wealthy heiress, with whom he had one child, a girl named Charlotte.

In 2005, Graham conspired to have his wife murdered, thereby inheriting her fortune. Graham raised his daughter alone from 2005 onward, paying for private tutors to homeschool her and teach her skills such as dancing.

Graham's ambition for his daughter was for her to become a professional model, and he was eventually able to secure a contract for her with the fledgling agency Joshua Benedict Talent, before in 2011 securing an interview for Charlotte with the more prestigious Spencer and Hall agency- though he was only able to do this by offering the agent who conducted Charlotte's interview a sizeable bribe.

Unbeknownst to Graham, at the time of his daughter's interview, she had been replaced by a near-exact duplicate, a young man by the name of James Travis. Charlotte had secretly travelled up to the north of England to track down the doctor who had assisted her father in the murder of his wife, and persuaded him to testify against Graham.

Imprisonment and DeathEdit

In early April 2011, when confronted with the evidence from both the doctor and his daughter, Graham surrendered himself to the police, and was convicted of his wife's murder, receiving a life sentence in prison.

For the first few months of his sentence, Graham had no contact with his daughter, who had effectively disowned him, and had even changed her mother's tombstone to be in her maiden name rather than her married name. In December 2011, for a documentary about her young life, Charlotte visited Graham in prison for the first time.

It would also turn out to be the last time that Graham would see his daughter, as just over two years into his sentence he suffered a heart attack and passed away at the age of 56.


  • Graham is the first Jamieverse character to have died during the course of the stories.