Ian Freeman is the protagonist of the story Ian.

Early lifeEdit

Ian is the only child of Craig and Angela Walker, and was born on the 30th of December 1999 as Kayleigh-Ann Walker. His parents had intended him to be a millennial baby- born on the 1st of January 2000- but Ian arrived two days early, something for which his parents have never forgiven him. From an early age, 'Kayleigh-Ann' was prepared for a life on the stage, taking extensive acting, singing and dancing classes, all of which showcased her natural femininity. However, the more of these activities Ian took part in, the more he would grow to loathe them.

Becoming IanEdit

As part of his parents' efforts to turn Ian into a celebrity, at the tender age of fifteen he was introduced to a fledgling modelling clique, led by the Heavenly Talent-represented Abbey-Gayle Simpson.

to be continued


  • Ian is a die-hard fan of Arsenal football club- coincidentally, the same team supported by Joshua Benedict, the agent with whom his parents are trying to get him professional representation.
  • Ian is left-handed.
  • Ian regularly uses a stuffed giraffe toy to relieve his stress. As he calls the toy 'Melman', it can be inferred that it's based on the character from the film Madagascar
  • Ian has a mild case of dyslexia.
  • Ian has size 7 (UK) feet.