Jacinta Hanley is the eponymous protagonist of the story Jacinta and a major character in Nikki.

Early lifeEdit

Jacinta was born Jason David Hanley on the 2nd of February 1996 in Brighton, the only child of Michael and Amelia Hanley. Shortly after Jason's sixth birthday, Amelia passed away after a short battle with cancer, leaving the young boy depressed. Upon his return to primary school at the start of the following school year, Jason became part of a 'clique' along with three other friends named Caitlin, Jessica and Noor, who treated Jason as 'one of the girls' and always included him in their traditionally feminine activities such as dress-up parties. However, this friendship only lasted until the start of secondary school, triggering another bout of depression for Jason.

Coming outEdit

On the seventh of August 2012, after finishing secondary school, Jason announced to his father that he was homosexual, and was immediately accepted by the widower. Shortly afterward, Jason began studying at a local sixth form college, and whilst he faced some discrimination for being openly gay, he also found that he was not alone, and was accepted by many of his peers. One of whom, named Martin, invited Jason to his Halloween party, which Jason attended wearing a cheerleader's costume. The costume was the first piece of feminine clothing Jason had worn since his clique's dress-up parties in primary school, but even then, the website he bought it from marketed it at men. Jason would have his first sexual encounter at the party- with Martin- but it didn't lead to a relationship or more chances to express his feminine side.

In September 2013, Jacinta began studying fashion photography at a different further education in college, and during lunch on the first day, Jason befriended a fashion design student named Amanda Lowe.

to be continued

Meeting the Teen AngelsEdit

Jacinta started university in September 2015, studying fashion photography at the London College of Fashion. Ophelia started university at the same time, and on their first day they met Katie Henderson, Lauren Burnett and Sarah Phillips, the former of whom was studying on the same course as Jacinta, while the latter two were on the same course as Ophelia. On their first day, Jacinta and Ophelia also met Nikki Thomas, Sarah's girlfriend and, like Jacinta, a young woman going through a transition.

to be continued


  • Jacinta is the third protagonist, after Stuart and Ashley, to have been introduced in a story other than their own.
  • At 5' 10", Jacinta was the tallest protagonist in the Jamieverse, until the introduction of Janet, who stands half an inch taller. Jacinta is two inches taller than Nikki.
  • Jacinta, like her father, is a supporter of Brighton and Hove Albion F.C.