Jamie-Lee Milton, known professionally as Jamie-Lee Burke is the protagonist of the story Charlotte, also playing minor roles in Nikki, Stephanie, Stuart and Soixante-Trois Airlines. She is the de facto main character of the entire Jamieverse.

Early lifeEdit

Jamie was born as James Travis on the 19th of September 1991, the only child of Mark and Susan Travis. Aged sixteen, James fell in with a gang of undesirable characters at secondary school, who used them to stash marijuana, an action which caused James to receive a police caution and resulted in them being ejected from the family home. At the start of 'Charlotte', James had been unemployed and living by themselves in a tiny bedsit for over two years.

Becoming JamieEdit

On March 30th 2011, James awoke to found himself in the bed of Charlotte Hutchinson, having been transformed using make-up and latex breast forms to resemble the young woman.

To be continued


  • One of Jamie's favourite foods is chocolate truffles.
  • Jamie's surname of 'Burke' was acquired from glancing at Charlotte's CD collection and presumably seeing a CD released by the artist Alexandra Burke.
  • Jamie has appeared in all ten 'main' Jamieverse stories and also all crossover stories except for Jexy Meets Snikki and Jexy Meets the Fly Girls, though she does have a cameo by text message in the former.
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