This site is dedicated to the memory of Kris Traverse- one of the best friends and most talented writers anyone could ever have the privilege to know.

The Jamieverse Wiki

A wiki for fans of the 'Jamieverse' series of transgender fiction stories on BigCloset TopShelf and Fictionmania.

What is the Jamieverse?

The Jamieverse began in November 2011 with the publication of the first part of 'Charlotte' to the BigCloset TopShelf fiction site, and has quickly grown to encompass ten separate yet intertwined stories and five crossover stories (including collaborations with other authors), over 150 chapters and over a million and a half words of prose.

The Jamieverse is named for Jamie-Lee Burke, the protagonist of 'Charlotte' and de facto main character of the intertwined stories.

This wiki is intended as a resource for fans of and newcomers to the series. All are welcome to contribute to the wiki. It contains spoilers for recent chapters, so browse at your own risk.


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