Jonathan Benedict is a minor character in the stories Charlotte, Nikki and Stuart.

Early LifeEdit

Jonathan was born on the 29th of September 1989 in Lagos, Nigeria, but moved to England at a very early age after the death of his father. Jonathan was raised by his uncle Joshua (his father's brother) and his aunt Judith. His cousin Adeola would come to live with the family when Jonathan was 9 or 10, and would come to view Jonathan as like an older brother.

Life with the AngelsEdit

In June 2013, Jonathan was set up on a date with Jamie-Lee Burke by his uncle, and whilst they ultimately chose not to pursue a relationship, they remained friends, and through his friendship with Jamie, Jonathan would ultimately meet Viks Brooks, with whom Jonathan would pursue a relationship, and later marry. In March 2017, Jonathan and Viks became parents to a baby girl they named 'Destiny Joy'.


  • Jonathan is the tallest of the 'young' characters at 6' 3".
  • Jonathan can competently play the drums, having taken lessons from music teachers including Mikey Dawson.
  • Jonathan's favourite musical act are The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
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