Joshua Benedict OBE is one a major character in the stories Charlotte and Stephanie. He also plays minor roles in Nikki and Stuart. He is the CEO, owner and founder of Heavenly Talent.

Early LifeEdit

Joshua was born in 1961 in Lagos, the then capital of Nigeria. He had at least two brothers, both of whom are now deceased- one of whom was the father of Adeola, the other the father of Jonathan, both of whom would go to live with Joshua (their uncle) as his adopted children. Aged 21, he graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in communications, and soon moved to England to find work. After six months of looking, Joshua eventually found work with a talent agency, which he would later leave to found his own agency. Joshua would later marry an Englishwoman named Judith, but they would not have any biological children of their own.

Assembling the AngelsEdit

Shortly after his fiftieth birthday, with his agency successful but not 'big', Joshua signed Jamie to a modelling contract on the recommendation of Charlotte, whom had recently signed for Spencer & Hall- something Joshua saw as an achievement for Charlotte and for himself, considering Spencer & Hall's size and influence in the modelling community.

to be continued


  • Joshua's middle name, Okechukwu, mean's 'god's gift' in the Igbo language of Western Africa.
  • At 6' 4", Joshua is the tallest character to date in the Jamieverse. At 57 years old (as of the most recent chapter), he is also the oldest character to have been introduced in his own right, rather than as the parent or older relative of another character (his two adopted children, Jonathan and Adeola, were both introduced after Joshua was).
  • Joshua is the first non-caucasian character (and therefore, also main character) introduced into the Jamieverse.
  • Joshua is a similar age and fills a similar role in the Jamieverse as Antoine Masson, but both men are very different people.
  • Joshua's favourite TV show the Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • Joshua's favourite musical act is Queen.
  • Joshua is a die-hard fan of Arsenal F.C.
  • As of the start of 2018, Joshua has a net worth of over £50 Million (roughly US$70 Million).
  • Joshua was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2018 New Year's Honours List.
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