Not to be confused with Katie Fahey

Katie Henderson is one of the main characters of the stories Nikki and Jacinta.

Early lifeEdit

Katie was born on the 11th of January 1997. She has two younger brothers Shaun (b 2001) and Lee (b 2003). Little more is known of her early life.

Meeting NikkiEdit

Katie first met Nikki Thomas on their first day of further education college. Both girls were studying photography and quickly hit it off. Nikki would often refer to Katie as 'the first friend Nikki made'- her first friend who hadn't previously known 'Nick'. On that first day of college, Katie would also make friends with Sarah Phillips, Lauren Burnett and Dannii Samson.

to be continued


  • Katie is a big fan of the football club Manchester United, even though she lives (and was presumably born and raised) in London.
  • Katie is asthmatic.
  • In the early outline of Nikki, Katie was the younger sister of Paul Gould (hence the similar profession).
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