Kelly Watson is a major character in the crossover story The War of the Angels, and plays a major part in the latter chapters of Charlotte.

Early LifeEdit

Kelly was born Kevin Watson on the 30th of April 1993 in Hong Kong. Her father, a British national, worked for the governor, whilst her mother was a Chinese national. Following the transfer of sovereignty in 1997, the Watson family moved to London, where Kelly was educated. From an early age, Kelly was obsessed will all things feminine.

Becoming KellyEdit

Starting in 2011, Kelly studied politics at University College London, but prior to the start of her final year, she came out to her family and began living life full-time as a woman, later taking hormone replacement therapy to fully transition to female.

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  • Kelly's middle name, Chunhua, is a Chinese name meaning 'spring flower'. As it is a feminine name, it's undoubtedly a name Kelly chose for herself to reflect her femininity and her Chinese heritage.
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