Mary Carter (nee Logan) is one of the main characters of the story Charlotte, and plays a minor role in Soixante-Trois Airlines.

Early lifeEdit

Mary was born on the 4th of October 1990, the fifth and final child of her parents. She has three older brothers (b 1980, 1983 and 1987) and one older sister (b 1985). As a child, Mary often competed in gymnastics competitions, once representing Northern Ireland at international level.

Becoming an AngelEdit

Mary met Charlotte and Jamie at some point prior to December 2011.

to be continued


  • Mary is the first non-English character to be introduced in the Jamieverse, assuming you don't count Joshua, who has naturalized British citizenship.
  • Mary is the oldest of The Angels by seven and a half months from Charlotte, the second oldest.
    • Mary is seven and a half years older than Abbey-Gayle, the youngest of the four women added to the Angels in late 2016.
  • Mary is also the shortest of the Angels, standing just 5' 3" tall.
  • Although Mary's first appearance was in part 3 of Charlotte, she didn't actually speak a line until the fifth chapter of that story.
  • Mary is the first of the Angels, and indeed the first main character in the Jamieverse, to become a mother.
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