Megan Cartman is a main character in the stories Laura and Ashley.

Early LifeEdit

Megan was born on the 26th of March 2002 and is the oldest child of her parents. She has one younger brother James (b 2008). At primary school, Megan was something of a loner, thanks to her need to wear glasses and her being slightly overweight. One of her closest friends was a boy named Leon White, who would eventually go to the same secondary school as Megan.

Starting secondary schoolEdit

In the summer holiday immediately before Megan started secondary school, she and a few of her friends from primary school were invited to Leon's house, where Leon's mother announced that Leon would now be living life- and attending secondary school- as a girl named Laura. During her first few weeks, Megan suffered teasing from the other pupils in the school thanks to her association with Laura.

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  • Megan is by far the tallest female character in the Jamieverse, standing 187cm (6' 2") tall.
  • Megan is the only character in the Jamieverse who needs to wear glasses all day, every day (other characters such as Krystie wear glasses, but only for reading).
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