Mia McFarlane is a character in the stories Laura and Ashley.

Early lifeEdit

Mia was born on the 28th of June 2002. She has two older brothers (b 1994 and 1997), the oldest of whom is serving in the British Army. Mia is a traditional 'girly girl', and loves traditionally feminine pastimes such as fashion and dance. At some point, she started studying ballet at the Krystie Fullerton School of Dance.

Meeting LauraEdit

Mia started school at the same time as Laura White but interacted very little with her and her gang during their first three years. At the start of their fourth year at secondary school, Mia became friends with a new girl at school named Samantha Reid, who disliked Laura and her gang and sought to bully them. Mia joined in as a result of peer pressure and a strong feeling of jealousy for the gang's connections to celebrities such as The Angels. However, when confronted by Laura and threatened with expulsion from her ballet school by Krystie Fullerton, Mia backed down and apologized for her actions.

Mia and Laura would later speak on Facebook, airing their grievances, which would serve to bring them closer together and bring Mia into Laura's close circle of friends.

to be continued

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