Mikey Dawson is a minor character in the stories Charlotte and Stuart.

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Mikey was born in Nottingham on the 14th of January 1990, and would later attend the University of Nottingham, studying music from 2008-2011, at the same time as Stuart. Mikey has one older sister, Tracey (b 1985).

Life with the AngelsEdit

Mikey moved to London at some point prior to December 2014 and reacquainted himself with his old university friend Stuart, who introduced him to his ex-girlfriend Krystie.

to be continued


  • Mikey is loosely based on the musician Dave Grohl (the lead singer of Stuart's favourite band, the Foo Fighters)- they look similar, share the same middle name (Eric) and the same birthday (January 14).
  • Mikey can play many musical instruments, including acoustic, electric and bass guitar, piano, violin and drums. he is a registered guitar teacher.
  • Mikey is left-handed, but prefers to play guitar right-handed (though he can play left-handedly as well).
  • Mikey is a supporter of Nottingham Forest F.C..