Mohan Malik is a minor character in the stories Laura and Ashley.

Early LifeEdit

Mohan was born in October 1996 in London, England. He would later be joined by two sisters- Priya (b 2000) and Suriya (b 2002). Mohan's final year at secondary school would coincide with Priya's first, but he would have left school by the time Suriya started. Mohan was academically successful at secondary school, and would study science at a further education college.


  • Mohan is a common Indian first name, being another name for Krishna, a major Hindu deity (Mohan and his sisters having being raised in the Hindu faith) and is often used as the shortened form of Mohandas, the given name of Mahatma Gandhi. Mohan's middle name, Rupesh, was his father's forename.
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