Nikki Phillips-Thomas is the protagonist of the story Nikki, plays a major role in Charlotte and Jacinta, and also plays a minor role in Laura, Ashley and Stephanie.

Early lifeEdit

Nikki was born Nicholas Christopher Thomas on the 3rd of March 1997, the first (and for a long while, only) child of Christopher and Sandra Thomas. For all 'Nick's life, he felt the urge to crossdress, and grew increasingly obsessed with living live as a woman, as well as frustrated with 'his' life as a boy.

Becoming NikkiEdit

At the start of Nick's fourth year of secondary school, a new girl named Sarah Phillips transferred from a school in Bristol, with whom 'Nick' quickly became good friends.

To be continued


Sarah PhillipsEdit

Sarah is Nikki's lover, best friend and soul mate. What started as a simple teenage crush (for both Nikki and Sarah) gradually grew into a very deep, sincere love or both girls. Neither one can bear to be separated from the other for long, to the extent that outside of work, their friends refer to 'Snikki' more often than either girl individually.

To be continued


  • At 5' 8", Nikki was the tallest protagonist in the Jamieverse until the start of Jacinta's story.
  • Nikki takes a size eight (UK) shoe.
  • Nikki has had speaking roles in nine of the ten main stories of the Jamieverse, more than any other protagonist apart from Jamie, and as such could be considered the de facto deuteragonist of the entire Jamieverse.
    • The only story she hasn't appeared in is Stuart, and will not be able to now that the story has ended.
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