Ollie Powell is a major character in the early chapters of the story Ian.

Early lifeEdit

Ollie was born on the 2nd of March 1998. he has at least one sibling, a younger sister named Georgie. Ollie considers himself to be a stereotypical 'nerd', interested in videogames, model cars and the television show Doctor Who.

Meeting IanEdit

In the summer of 2015, Ollie's sister joined a fledgling group of models led by a girl called Abbey-Gayle Simpson. Some of their regular get-togethers would be at the house where Ollie and Georgie both lived, during which meetings Ollie would seal himself in his room so as not to have to interact with what he viewed as a group of giggling, immature girls.

to be continued


  • Ollie shares a birthday with Stuart, although Ollie was born eight years afterward.