Ophelia Love is the deuteragonist of the story Jacinta and a major character in Nikki.

Early LifeEdit

Ophelia was born as Mandy Lowe on the 17th of December 1996 in Brighton, England. Her mother's name is Theresa. Ophelia never knew her father. She has three older sisters- Charlene, Kylie and Sharon (b 1988, 1991 and 1993 respectively)- and one younger sister, Candice (b 1999). From an early age, Ophelia struggled with life at home, often feeling out of place in her very working-class household. All three of her elder sisters left school without any qualifications, but Ophelia was determined that she would not go down the same path. After beginning secondary school, Ophelia rejected the name 'Mandy' and asked to be addressed as 'Amanda', a move that resulted in scorn from her family. Ophelia took her final chosen name from the Shakespearian character, having studied Hamlet for her English GCSE.

Making a New Best FriendEdit

In September 2013, Ophelia started studying fashion design at a further education college in Brighton, where she met and quickly befriended a young man by the name of Jason Hanley. Little did Ophelia know that Jason harboured a secret that he had never shared with anyone.

to be continued


  • Ophelia bears some similarities to Amelie Masson- both are the fourth child of five and both have chosen to reject and rebel against their family and their upbringing.
  • Ophelia is dyslexic.
  • Ophelia's natural hair colour is brown, as is her eye colour- she wears coloured contact lenses both to change her iris colour and correct her vision (Ophelia is naturally short-sighted)
  • Ophelia is loosely based on the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood- both characters are free spirits who refuse to conform to the behaviour expected of them by their peers.
  • Ophelia's first name is taken from the Shakespeare play Hamlet, which Ophelia studied at secondary school. Her middle name is taken from the constellation Cassiopeia, which Jacinta identified for her.