Paul Kennedy is a minor character in the stories Charlotte and Stuart, and also plays a role in Soixante-Trois Airlines.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Paul's early life, other than that he attended the same school as Dan Carter (albeit a year below), and like Dan, was very interested in sports and general fitness. Aged 16, he played cricket at a semi-professional level and was scouted by many first class county sides, but ultimately elected not to pursue a career in sports, instead becoming a personal trainer and working with his best friend.

Paul is considered attractive by many of the female characters in the Jamieverse, but is notoriously shy when in the company of women. Paul's ancestry is Scottish on his father's side.

Meeting the AngelsEdit

Paul's first major interaction with the Angels was in February 2014, when he was selected by Dan to be his best man when he married Mary.

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  • Paul is a common name for characters in the Jamieverse- in addition to Paul Kennedy, there is also the character of Paul Gould, Jamie's ex-boyfriend, and Paul was also the birth name of the Soixante-Trois Airlines character Paige.
  • Paul is left-handed, like his sporting hero, Alistair Cook.
  • Paul is a talented singer, and lead vocalist for His band (though this is partially because he can't play a musical instrument).