Peter Abbott is a major character in the story Stephanie.

Early LifeEdit

Peter was born in London in 1959. It is unknown whether or not he has any siblings. In the early 1980s, through his work as an ambulance driver, he met and fell in love with a young woman named Samantha, who worked as a nurse at the hospital where Peter was based. They would later marry and have three children- three boys named Thomas (b 1986), Daniel (b 1989) and Stephen (b 1996)

When a Son Becomes a DaughterEdit

By early 2015, all three of Peter's children had become adults in their own right. Tom had moved out and had a career, whilst Danny was floating between various different jobs. Stephen, however, was still unemployed by the time of his nineteenth birthday. Unbeknownst to Peter, Stephen (who had always had an interest in music) had seen and responded to an advert for a new band that was being formed- a girl band.

to be continued

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