Priya Malik is one of the main characters of the stories Ashley and Laura.

Early lifeEdit

Priya was born on the 2nd of December 2000 in London, the second child of her parents. Priya has an older brother Mohan (b 1996) and a younger sister Suriya (b 2002). Her father, Rupesh, is one of the governors at the secondary school she and her sister attend. Priya started secondary school a year earlier than her sister and the rest of her 'gang', and struggled to fit in, even though her brother was also attending the school in his final year.

Meeting LauraEdit

Priya's sister Suriya started secondary school at the same time Priya started her second year, and as Suriya was more outgoing than her sister, she had an easier time making friends- friends she was more than willing to share with Priya.

to be continued


  • Priya is a Sanskrit name that means 'beloved'. Priya's middle name, Hira, means 'diamond' in Bengali.
  • In Laura, part 3 and early behind-the-scenes material, Priya's birthday is given as December 3rd, but later chapters give it as December 2nd. Following the rule regarding Jamieverse canon that states that more recent information take priority, Priya's canonical birthday is therefore December 2nd.