Raymond Milton is a main character in the story Stuart and also makes appearances in Charlotte.

Early LifeEdit

Raymond was born in 1949, the only child of Stanley and Olivia Milton (both born in 1920), who married shortly after the end of World War 2. After university, Raymond started work for a major investment form in London, quickly rising to the position of manager. In 1985, he fell in love with a young woman named Catherine, who was his secretary at the time. The age difference (Raymond was 36 at the time, whilst Catherine was 21) caused some scandal at first, but the two soon married and had children together- three girls named Emma (b 1987), Claire (b 1990) and Rebecca (b 1995). As of 2016, Raymond and Catherine remain happily married.

When a Daughter Becomes a SonEdit

Thanks to his wealth, Raymond ensured that his daughters grew up wanting for nothing. Emma had her education at Cambridge University paid for in full, whilst Claire received numerous music lessons from private tutors and Rebecca had both dancing and singing lessons, and learned to ride a horse that was owned by the Milton family. However, the make-up of the Milton family was to dramatically change on the occasion of Claire's sixteenth birthday.

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  • Raymond is the oldest parent of a main character in the Jamieverse.
  • Raymond was named after Raymond Reddington, lead character of the TV show The Blacklist, though he has virtually nothing in common with him.