Ricky White is a main character in the story Laura and a minor character in Ashley.

Early lifeEdit

Ricky was born on the 14th of June 1993 in Leeds to Robert and Michelle White. In 2001, Ricky's younger brother Leon was born. Shortly after Ricky started secondary school, his father walked out on the family, leaving Michelle to raise the two children. The family moved back to London shortly afterwards where Ricky was enrolled in a new school. After he finished his secondary education, Ricky enlisted in the British Army and was based in North Yorkshire. By 2014, he had attained the rank of Lance Corporal.

Gaining a sisterEdit

Ricky had felt a sense of responsibility toward his younger sibling, having had to play a hand in their upbringing. Shortly before Leon started secondary school, Ricky took a week's leave to spend with him, during which time Ricky 'treated' Leon to a short haircut and repeatedly lectured him on how to survive his upcoming life at secondary school.

Little did Ricky know that for several weeks beforehand, Leon had been living part-time as a girl, and when 'he' started secondary school, it would be as a full-time girl named Laura.

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  • Ricky's original middle name was Robert, after his father, but following his father's actions in kidnapping Laura, Ricky changed it to distance himself from the man. His choice of 'Walter' as a new middle name is almost certainly a reference to the main character of the critically-acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad, of which Ricky is presumably a fan.
  • Ricky's full name of Richard, and Laura's birth name of Leon, hint that they were named for the historical figure King Richard I of England, meaning that one of their parents was likely a history enthusiast. As Ricky's mum had intended to name her second child the non-historical name 'Laura-Jade' if she'd been born a girl, it's likely that their father is the history buff.