Rupesh Malik is a minor character in the stories Laura and Ashley.

Early lifeEdit

Rupesh was born in 1968 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. At some point prior to 1996 he married and moved to the United Kingdom, eventually attaining citizenship. Rupesh and his wife had three children- Mohan (b 1996), Priya (b 2000) and Suriya (b 2002).

Daughters' New FriendEdit

At some point prior to September 2013, Rupesh became a governor at the secondary school where his children studied. In September 2013, Rupesh's youngest child started at the school, and quickly made friends with a girl named Laura, whose presence at the school was causing controversy as she was transgendered.

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  • Rupesh is a practicing Hindu and observes Diwali, but he also observes major western holidays in the UK such as Christmas and Guy Fawkes Night.
  • Rupesh is fluent in at least two languages- Bengali (his native language) and English.
  • Rupesh often refers to his two daughters as 'Rajakumariyom', which is Bengali for 'princesses'.