Sarah Phillips-Thomas is the deuteragonist of the story Nikki, a major character in Jacinta and plays minor roles in Charlotte and Stephanie.

Early LifeEdit

Sarah was born Sarah Phillips in Bristol on 27th November 1996 to Robert and Beverly Phillips, and is the latter's only child. Sarah's parents separated when she was three, eventually divorcing. Robert married a woman named Diane, with whom he would have more children (Sarah's half-siblings)- Karl (b. 2002) and Kerrie (b. 2006). Sarah was raised by her mother but remained in contact with her father, though that contact became strained as Sarah's relationship with her stepmother deteriorated.

Meeting NikkiEdit

In August 2011, just before the start of her fourth year at secondary school, Sarah and her mother moved to London, where Sarah was enrolled into a new secondary school. On her first day, she found herself sitting next to a boy named Nick, whom she would later befriend during her first lunch break at the school. The two would grow closer as friends, studying together and collaborating on homework.

On the 24th of September that year, Sarah would go over to Nick's house for the first time.

To be continued


  • Sarah identifies as demisexual or 'Nikkisexual'- she is solely attracted to Nikki regardless of her gender.
  • Sarah has long hair, but strongly dislikes wearing it loose and almost always ties it back from her face in a ponytail or other style.
  • Sarah is the most technologically savvy character in the Jamieverse, and the first people usually call when they need help configuring or fixing their computer or television.
  • Sarah has a Mensa-level IQ, a trait shared with only four other characters in the Jamieverse- Viks Benedict, Priya Malik, Bryony Moore and Natalie Briggs.
  • Sarah is 1/4 Welsh via her paternal grandfather.
  • Sarah is the godmother of her sister-in-law Jenny Thomas.
  • Sarah is very illness-prone, and on average suffers from a bout of flu at least once a year.
  • Sarah takes a size six (UK) shoe.
  • Sarah speaks with an affected London accent, but will lapse back to her natural Bristol accent when agitated or upset.
  • Sarah has had speaking roles in nine out of the ten main Jamieverse stories, which is tied for the second most with her wife and Krystie. Only Jamie has appeared in more stories.
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