Jessica Tyler, the protagonist of season 1


Sophie Connelly, the protagonist of season 2

Soixante-Trois Airlines is the fourth story in the 'Jamieverse', first published on BigCloset TopShelf on the 15th of March 2015. Unlike the other stories in the Jamieverse, it is told in a past tense third-person perspective (ass opposed to the other stories' present tense first-person perspective), and focusses on multiple characters rather than revolving the entire story around one central protagonist. It is also different in that it is split into 'seasons', with each season revolving around a different character's storyline.

Main CharactersEdit

In addition, Soixante-Trois Airlines has an extensive supporting cast of characters, including-

Chapter ListEdit

Characters in italics were introduced in a previous Jamieverse chapter but are making their debut in this particular story. Passengers on flights are not included in the character list unless they are named.

Season 1

Chapter Publication Date Word count Characters Introduced
1 15/03/2015 12118 M Marotte, Jessica, Marie, Elsa, Natalie, Zoe, Paris manager, Paige, Stacey, Hiromi
2 05/04/2015 7590 Michael, Amelie, Karla, Katarzyna
3 10/05/2015 6336 Chloe, Sara, Helena, Jacques, Jessica's mother, Paige's father
4 29/06/2015 8764 Rachel, Annabelle
5 02/08/2015 9171 Anna-Jade, Eleanor, Natalie's mother
6 23/08/2015 11963 Carly, Michelle, Saskia, Alice, Paige's mother, Nina, Trisha, Jessica's father, Aaron, Hayley, Abbey
7 17/09/2015 12877 Beauty pageant emcee, Brigitte
8 23/10/2015 11113 Clara, Alana, Monsieur Masson, Out of Heaven, Jamie
9 18/12/2015 13251 Interviewer, Marie & Zoe's mother, Dr Finlay
10 01/02/2016 18427 Amy, Lizzie, Anna-Jade's father, Mary, Dan, Kristina-Leigh, Michelle, Marie & Zoe's father
11 03/03/2016 12683 Rhianna, Tanisha, Rosita
12 11/04/2016 12887 Samantha, Monsieur Durand, Lisa, Krystie, Rachel's mother, Abbey's mother, Tanisha's grandmother
13 17/06/2016 15751 Paul, Anna-Jade's mother, Monroe
14 29/08/2016 13381 Stuart, Danny, Ellen, Sasha
15 03/11/2016 16566 Amelie
16 24/01/2017 18537 Scott, Jonny, Callum, Joanne, Zara

Season 2

Chapter Publication Date Word count Characters Introduced
17 13/05/2017 11768 Sophie, Amy, Hayley
18 01/08/2017 15763 Jemma, Hannah, Stephanie, Nikki, Jenny, Sarah
19 12/09/2017 11065 Amy's mother, Amy's father, Sophie's mother, Sophie's father
20 06/02/2018 13101 Ophelia, Natalie's brother
21 03/06/2018 15198 Rachel, Lucas
22 10/09/2018 10678 Denise
23 09/12/2018 8308 Scottish minister, Alexa, Jenny, Alicia, Danni, Daisy


The following stories are standalone stories set outside (typically, before) the regular story, focussing on one of the supporting characters and how they came to be the people they were.

Chapter Publication Date Word count Central Character
Natalie 07/10/2018 4976 Natalie