Not to be confused with Stephi Abbott.

Stephanie Abbott is the protagonist of the story Stephanie, and also plays minor roles in Charlotte, Nikki, Laura and Ashley.

Early lifeEdit

Stephanie was born Stephen Carl Abbott on the 23rd of January 1996, the youngest of three boys. Her parents' names are Peter and Samantha, and her brothers are Thomas (b 1986) and Daniel (b 1989). Stephanie is a lifelong crossdresser, having always been fascinated with feminine clothes and feminine activities.

Becoming StephanieEdit

In March 2015, Stephen responded to an advertisement inviting young women to audition for a new girl band, which would be promoted by the same agency that promoted 'The Angels' TV show. Stephen entered 'Stephanie's details onto the application form and submitted it, and would later be invited to attend an audition.

to be continued


  • Stephanie's favourite television show is Game of Thrones.
  • Stephanie is left-handed.
  • Stephanie takes a size seven (UK) shoe.
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