Stuart Milton, the story's protagonist

Stuart is the third story to be published in the Jamieverse, first published on BigCloset TopShelf on the 11th of March 2015. It is the first story where the protagonist is a female-to-male transgendered person.

Main CharactersEdit

Chapter ListEdit

Characters in italics were introduced in a previous Jamieverse chapter but are making their debut in this particular story.

Chapter Publication Date Word count Characters Introduced
1 11/03/2015 3917 Stuart, Becca, Emma, Stuart's father, Stuart's mother, Jamie
2 15/05/2015 5312 Krystie, Riley, Keith, Jonathan, Dan, Adeola, Paul, Darren, Charlotte
3 30/05/2015 4998 Jamie's father, Dr Phillips, Jamie's mother
4 05/06/2015 7090 Lee
5 19/09/2015 6624 Stuart's surgeon, Mikey
6 14/11/2015 10039 Kayla, Lauren, Stephanie, Ray, Stuart's grandmother
7 24/12/2015 6573 Angels fan
8 12/05/2016 8253 Mary, Hannah, Viks, Keith Jr., Kristina-Leigh, Danny
9 15/09/2016 11646 Zoe, Kurt, Kelly, Stuart's music teacher