Stuart Milton is the main character of Stuart, and is a major character in Charlotte and Stephanie and a minor character in Nikki.

Early lifeEdit

Stuart was born Claire Olivia Milton on the 2nd of March 1990, the second child of three to Raymond and Catherine Milton. He has an older sister Emma (b 1987) and a younger sister Becca (b 1995). From an early age, Claire felt that she didn't fit into female life, and struggled with depression as a result of her troubles with her gender identity.

Becoming StuartEdit

On her sixteenth birthday, Claire was taken to a beauty salon, where she, her mother and her older sister all received expensive makeovers.

To be continued


  • In-universe, Stuart has been said to bear a resemblance to the television presenter Richard Hammond.
  • Stuart is the first female-to-male transgender (FtM) character and also the first FtM protagonist in the Jamieverse.
  • Stuart was the oldest protagonist to date in the Jamieverse until Janet Cole took that title from him.
  • Stuart is also the first protagonist to have been introduced in a story other than their own.
  • Stuart can play the piano at ABRSM grade 7. He can also play the acoustic and electric guitar and has taken lessons in the clarinet and flute in the past.
  • Stuart is a registered piano teacher.
  • Stuart's favourite band is The Foo Fighters, who he has seen play live on multiple occasions.
  • Stuart is a supporter of Chelsea F.C., like his father and Keith Hartley, one of his best friends.
  • Stuart is godfather to seven members of The Next Generation- his nephews Ray Maddox and Lee Maddox Jr., as well as Kristina-Leigh Carter, Keith Hartley Jr., Maria Dawson and Jamie and Lee Hartley.
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