Suriya Malik is one of the main characters of the stories Laura and Ashley.

Early LifeEdit

Suriya was born on the 15th of April 2002, the youngest of three children. She has an older brother Mohan (b 1996) and an older sister Priya (b 2000).

Starting secondary school, meeting LauraEdit

Suriya started secondary school in September 2013, a year after her sister and at the same time as Laura, Nicole, Harriet and Megan. Suriya was placed in the same form group as Laura, Nicole and Harriet and quickly became friends with the three girls, introducing them to her sister, with whom they also became friends.

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  • Suriya means 'the sun god' in Sanskrit. Her middle name, Debjani, means 'beloved' in Bengali.
  • Suriya is considered by the boys at her school to be the most attractive girl in her year.
  • Coincidentally, Suriya's birthday falls on the same day as Pahela Baishakh, the celebration of Bengali new year in the Indian state of West Bengal (where Suriya's family originally hails from).
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