The original six members of the Angels, top to bottom: Charlotte, Jamie, Krystie, Mary, Hannah and Viks.

This article is about the British group of models. For the international groups, see this page.

The Angels is the name given to a group of models who play a very prominent role in the Jamieverse.

Before They Were AngelsEdit

The foundation of the group that would become The Angels can be traced back to March 2011, when Charlotte Hutchinson and Jamie-Lee Burke met under unusual circumstances. The public story, which still persists to 2016, is that Charlotte and Jamie became friends after seeing how closely they resemble each other. The truth, however, is that Charlotte had coerced Jamie into standing in for her for five days whilst she searched for the truth concerning the death of her mother in 2005. Jamie was, in fact, a young man (albeit an effeminate man) named James. After the 'job' was complete, Charlotte rewarded 'James' with a large sum of money and prepared to send him on his way, but offered him the choice to live life permanently as 'Jamie-Lee', with the promise of modelling work and professional representation with Charlotte's old agent Joshua Benedict. Jamie-Lee accepted Charlotte's offer, and began her own modelling career almost immediately afterward.

The duo of Jamie and Charlotte would later make other friends in the modelling community, of whom the duo of Krystie Fullerton and Mary Logan would become the closest, with the four models often appearing as a quartet at parties and functions.

Becoming The AngelsEdit

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