The Tutu Project, occasionally Project Tutu is the name given to a secret conspiracy featured in the story Soixante-Trois Airlines, made up of employees and former employees of the eponymous airline.

The Original ProjectEdit

The Tutu Project was founded in February 2015 and was originally a group of stewardesses who were upset about Jacques Lacroix's callous treatment of women. Many of the original members of the Project were ex-girlfriends of Jacques's. The name was thought up by Elsa Krause and was taken from the costumes worn at the party to celebrate Zoe Renou successfully passing her probation period with the airline (Zoe having formerly been a ballerina).

At the beginning, the Tutu Project was merely a way for its members to blow off steam, to discuss Jacques's poor attitude in private. After most of the members of the project relocated to Soixante-Trois Airlines's London hub, it began to wind down, but when Jacques himself relocated to London, the purpose of the project shifted from merely a forum for discussion, to a conspiracy to take action to radically alter Jacques's attitude toward women.

Matters came to a head in February 2016, when Jacques began dating Rhianna Ferguson, who was the trainee of Paige Robertson, one of the founder members of the Tutu Project.

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An asterisk (*) indicates that the member participated in the final execution of the Tutu project.

Tutu Project 2017Edit

The Tutu project was revived in November 2016 by Rachel Harrison after her sudden departure from Soixante-Trois Airlines. Her departure was brought about by a mixture of displeasure at the way employees- particularly female employees- were treated by the company, and frustration at the backlash from the execution of the original project.

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An asterisk (*) indicates that the member was also a member of the original Tutu Project. A hat (^) indicates that the member was not an employee of Soixante-Trois Airlines or left before the project's final execution, but participated in the project anyway.


  • The clandestine nature of the 'project' bears similarities to Dumbledore's Army from the Harry Potter novel series, which is appropriate as one of the members, Paige, is a confessed Harry Potter 'superfan'.