The War of the Angels is the ninth story to be published in the Jamieverse, first published on BigCloset TopShelf on the 22nd of June 2016. Unlike the previous stories, this is a crossover 'event story', featuring characters from other stories, and was published in consecutive chapters rather than being intermingled with other stories.

Main CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

New Characters Introduced in this StoryEdit

Chapter ListEdit

Only characters who are brand new to the Jamieverse are listed under 'characters introduced'.

Chapter Publication Date Word count Characters Introduced
1 22/06/2016 14976 Kelly, Jade, Mia, Saraya, Niamh, Katya, Ciara, Dannii's mother
2 29/06/2016 12098 Paramedic, Interviewer
3 04/07/2016 13076 Reporter
4 08/07/2016 14719 999 Operator
5 17/07/2016 20718 Kate, Spencer and Hall interviewer, Natasha