Theresa Lowe is a character in the early chapters of the story Jacinta, playing a nominally antagonistic role.

Early LifeEdit

Theresa was born in 1972 in Brighton, England. Before she left secondary school, she fell pregnant, eventually giving birth to a girl named Charlene in 1988. She would have four further children, all girls- Kylie (b 1991), Sharon (b 1993), Mandy (b 1996) and Candice (b 1999). After the birth of her children, Theresa opted not to look for a job, instead content to raise her children alone on social security. Theresa's oldest daughter had a child at the age of 17, making Theresa a grandmother at the age of 33.

A Daughter with a DifferenceEdit

to be continued


  • Theresa's first and middle names are a pun, based on the name of the UK Prime Minister at the time her introductory chapter was published.
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