Victoria 'Viks' Benedict (nee Brooks) is one of the main characters of the story Charlotte, and plays minor roles in Nikki and Laura.

Early LifeEdit

Viks was born on the 21st of December 1992, the first child of three and only daughter of her parents David and Alexandra. She would later be joined by two younger brothers Andrew (b 1999) and Philip (b 2001). At school, she was an overachiever, and often confused her teachers by her insistence on hanging out with Hannah, whom the teachers considered to be a troublemaker.

Becoming an AngelEdit

Unlike the other five members of the Angels, Viks was not originally a model, despite Hannah's repeated attempts to get her to audition for Joshua Benedict Talent, the agency that represented her.

to be continued


  • Viks is the youngest of the original six Angels, and the only one with naturally brown hair.
    • However, Viks is older than all four of the women who were added to the Angels in late 2016.
  • Viks can speak fluent French.
  • Viks has a Mensa level IQ, a trait shared with four other members of the Jamieverse- Natalie, Sarah, Priya and Bryony.
    • Coincidentally, Viks and Natalie are separated in age by a mere three weeks.