Zoe Renou-Briggs (nee Renou) is one of the main characters of the story Soixante-Trois Airlines, and plays a role in many of the other stories of the Jamieverse.

Early LifeEdit

Zoe was born in the 21st of October 1994 in Nice, France, the second child of her parents. Her older sister, Marie, also works for Soixante-Trois Airlines. As a child, Zoe was very artistically minded, excelling in dance, with a particular emphasis on ballet. Zoe was trained to a near-professional level, but a string of failed auditions left her dismotivated by the age of eighteen, and she instead qualified as a dance instructor, teaching classical ballet to pre-teens immediately before starting her job with Soixante-Trois Airlines. Whilst she was working as a dance teacher, she lived with her sister in Paris, and were later joined in their flat by Elsa Krause, and later Natalie Briggs, with whom Zoe would start a clandestine relationship.

Working for Soixante-TroisEdit

As the age limit for new employees was twenty in 2014, Zoe had to wait until November of that year before starting work for the employer. As she was cisgender- a growing rarity for new employees of the airline- she was assigned to Grey Route, which served Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

to be continued


  • Zoe is the first cisgender character in the Jamieverse to have elements of a story focussed on them.
  • Zoe speaks three languages fluently- French (her native language), English and German.
  • Zoe's favourite musical act is the French duo Daft Punk.
  • Zoe's favourite sports team is her home football team OGC Nice.